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2024 Year Ahead Reading  - Petite Lenormand system

The petite Lenormand is a small sized deck consisting of 36 cards. Using the grand Tableau, a spread using all 36 cards to investigate your questions, I aim to give you answers to what is in store for you in 2024.


Your reading will  cover: Family, Love, career and Finance (I do not cover health). 


Duration of reading: 90 minutes - 2 hours

Delivery time: By 31st December 2023

Format: Video

Price: £75.00




2024 Year Ahead Reading - Petite Lenormand system

    • This is a pre-recorded 90 minute to 2 hour video reading. 
    • Please submit your questions on the Submit Your Questions page or email
    • Reading will be with you by 31st December 2023.
    • Video (mp4) reading with be sent via a private link to your personal email, for downloading.
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