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 Featured Readings - September 2020 

The What should I do? reading

We have all experienced that push and  pull feeling when we're not sure what to do about a situation. It feels like there are voices for and against, that keep us in a state of inaction.


For example, should I stay in this  relationship that isn't meeting my needs or move on?  Should I start searching for a new job or stay in this one, even though I'm unhappy?


Using a 3-5 card spread per question the 'What should I do?' reading will aim to help you figure things out. 

This is a 25 minute video reading. Ask up to 5 questions and receive your reading within 24-48 hours.



The  New  Beginnings reading

For many of us, 2020 has been a year that has impacted our lives in ways that we could have never imagined.

Life has changed and we have had to change with it. Many of us have had to re-evaluate everything! Things that were once important no longer seem as important, and the dreams and desires we once had may have changed.

Whatever the case, if you are feeling an internal shift and a need for a clean slate , I will guide you in your quest for a new beginning.


This is a 20 minute video reading. Ask up to 4 questions specifically related to the change you desire, and receive your reading within 24-48 hours.




 2021 Year Ahead Reading

Welcome to the 2021 Year Ahead reading!

Your reading will run from January 2021 to December 2021 and will tell you what you have instore for 2021 in the areas of family, love, career and finance.

You will receive a 90 minute pre-recorded video and a written document up to 5000 words.

Delivery time is 14 days from receipt of your submitted questions.

This reading is available for purchase until December 16th 2020.

Price: £150

How do I pay for my reading?
Payment is accepted via Paypal.
When you add your purchase to the cart you will be re-directed to the Paypal website which will show your purchase and give you the option to pay via your Paypal account.  If you don't have an account you can still pay through the Paypal site as a guest, using  your credit or debit card.

Where do I send my questions?

Please go to the submit your questions page or send them to carol@carolsuniverse.com.  I need to know your name, astrological sign and what your questions are. If there is someone else you wish to ask about in your reading, I will need to know their date of birth or at the very least the month and day they were born. I will send you an acknowledgement email once both your questions and payment have been received.

How will I receive my reading?

  • Video and audio readings are delivered to you via a private link sent directly to your email address.

  • Email readings are sent to your private email address.

Delivery 24 -48 hours

Audio readings

Email readings

Premium Readings

Premium Readings

Premium Readings

Delivery 24 -48 hours

Delivery 24 -48 hours

The Gypsy Tarot spread uses 36 cards to look at  your emotional/mental state, personal situation, hopes, desires and expectations, hidden factors, immediate future and outcome. *Delivery 72 hours. Video reading only.

The Triple Cross spread is based on the Celtic Cross. It is an in-depth reading that works by layering 3 cards  in each

area to explain the past, present and future of your situation. *Delivery 72 hours. Video reading only.

The Life Spread reading focuses on 7 areas of your life over a 12 month period. Some of the areas included are: Personal life, home, romance, love, career and finance. You can purchase this reading at any time of  the year and the predictions will start one month after the initial purchase. Written report up to 5000 words. Audio: 90 mins. Video: 90 mins. Reading is delivered within 14 days.

Video readings

Video readings

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